Röchling is everywhere

If you look at a map of the world, you will find Röchling locations everywhere: Mannheim, Cleveland, Trento, Changchun, Paris, Singapore, Mumbai – the list is long. The Röchling Group includes a large number of locations in countries all over the world with a workforce of several thousand employees. Together, we produce, develop and manufacture innovative plastic parts or applications for functional solutions every day. 

From wind turbines to engine encapsulation. From smartphones to medical endoscopes. Our high-performance plastics are everywhere. And we send them out all over the world: Röchling is represented on the European, Asian, and American markets with annual sales of €1.7 billion.


Plastic is the material of the future

Our world without plastic is now unthinkable: Drinking a coffee, cleaning your contact lenses, going to the playground, jumping into the pool, driving the car, boarding the train, taking a trip, from Greenland to South Africa. No matter what part of life, Röchling is always there. Röchling began processing plastics over 90 years ago. Since then, this material has been a mainstay in the company’s history. 

There is no other material that can be modified in so many of its properties, including the mechanical properties, insulation, surface structure, and many more. Plastics therefore have a lot of positives to contribute to the discussion about energy, saving resources, and climate protection, as the reduction of emissions, energy, or weight are crucial factors. 

Working in a Global Family Business

At nearly 90 locations worldwide, every employee experiences a different facet of Röchling. To get a personal view on Röchling as an employer, we posed the following question at the annual Röchling Conference: What does it really mean to work at Röchling?

The answers make one thing clear: The bond within the company is felt at each one of our Röchling locations – thanks to the shared enthusiasm for the material, collaboration in international teams and Röchling’s long tradition. Anyone who starts working at Röchling wants to stay.

Just imagine what it would be like to work with us. In an international company. Founded 200 years ago, experts in plastics for 100 years now – a family business looking to the future.


Röchling stands for endurance:

Röchling is a family company. For decades, Röchling has distinguished itself through reliability, stability and sustainable growth. This creates a basis on which employees can devote themselves to developing new products with curiosity, competence and courage.

Röchling stands for innovation:

Röchling’s products are not simply made of plastic, because plastic is not a simple material. Every specific application contains highly complex properties and numerous innovations. Every day, Röchling produces, develops and processes innovative plastic parts and applications for functional solutions.

Röchling stands for passion:

Being passionate about plastic and innovative solutions and enjoying international cooperation – that’s what’s important at Röchling. That’s why we encourage our employees to continue learning, enjoy their work and communicate with each other. An extensive range of seminars and international networks such as the Röchling Sports Club make this possible.