Cooling Systems

Reliable ventilation

Degas bottles from Röchling Automotive are frequently delivered to automobile manufacturers as platform parts for cooling water and coolants. In contrast to other types of containers, the degas bottle is relatively complex with its ventilation function, integrated level sensors, anti-scald device, and integrated measures to avoid corrosion in the cooling system, but it uses a minimum amount of material due to finite element modeling.

Fuel cells and hybrid vehicles

Röchling Automotive develops bottles for high-temperature and low-temperature cooling circuits, particularly for fuel cell and hybrid vehicles. Röchling Automotive integrates both of the previously separate degas bottles into a single component, the two-chamber bottle. With these, Röchling Automotive delivers water-cooled degas bottles for fuel cell vehicles around the world. Overpressure up to 40 bar poses no problem at all here.

Maximum throughput and lowest weight

Water and oil pipes using bullet shot injection technology first developed to series-production readiness by Röchling Automotive are characterized by extremely uniform wall thickness along the entire length of the pipe. Our water and oil pipes set the benchmark with respect to the ratio of external diameter to wall thickness. The resulting advantages are obvious: the lowest weight and installation space.

Customer benefits for you through our water-cooled degas bottles

  • Reliable integrated ventilation; efficient engine cooling
  • Solutions for corrosion minimization and scalding protection
  • Wide-ranging sensor expertise
  • Lowest-weight degas bottles
  • Enormous packaging advantages
  • High degree of functional integration


Customer benefits using our water pipes

  • Minimal pressure drops
  • Benchmark for weight savings
  • A sharp change in direction does not pose any problem for the water pipes
  • Simple integration of mounting links and shunts