Advanced Active Cleaning Systems

Autonomous driving – safety first!

In highly automated and autonomous vehicles, sensors and cameras are essential for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants. With the Advanced Active Cleaning System (AACS), Röchling Automotive has developed an intelligent solution, which cleans the electronic sensors of the autonomous vehicle quickly and efficiently. If dirty, the system specifically targets these zones and cleans them with the minimum amount of cleaning fluid required. As well as the state­of-the­art sensors such as those for the proximity radar, of course the reversing camera, headlights, windshield and rear window are also reliably cleaned.

The intelligent cleaning system is energy efficient because all the sensors needed for autonomous driving can be reached using only one pump. The pressure control and dosing for this pump is performed by an integrated master cleaning system, which decides when, where and how much water is used – and at what pressure.

Customer benefits of active cleaning systems:

  • low weight
  • flexible, modular system solution for different automation levels
  • Energy savings through on-demand dosing and pressure control
  • Integrated electric heating system, as required