Underbody Panels

Underbody panels for the engine

Röchling Automotive is among the leading manufacturers of engine undershields and underbody panels and offers the complete range of manufacturing processes from one source. Among the basic functions of these components are protection against rock chips and corrosion, and improved aerodynamics and acoustics. However, against the backdrop of more stringent regulations as well as higher demands for comfort, integrated acoustical functions are gaining significance. Röchling Automotive’s Softlofting™ technology enables the manufacturing of the lowest weight and highest acoustically efficient underbody panels and wheel arch liners; which have been the benchmark in the industry for several years. A variety of development services for shielded underbodies, including aeroacoustic underbodies, lightweight underbodies, or modularly constructed underbodies, are performed in-house.

Benefits for your customers through working with Röchling Automotive in the area of underbody panels

  • Acoustic function integrated in engine undershields and underbody panels
  • Reduction of interior and exterior noise levels
  • Best-in-class lightweight construction with Softlofting™
  • Proven mechanical integrity also when under high strain
  • Higher degree of closure of the underbody over exhaust system covers
  • Thermal insulating effect
  • Large flat and stable parts