Integrated Structural Components: Integrated Sandwich Floor (ISF)

Comfortable and inexpensive - Stratura material concept

Through the use of its Stratura material for electric vehicles, Röchling Automotive aims to achieve the optimum: lower weight, better comfort, safety, and lower costs. Röchling’s approach utilizes its functional multi-layered construction to replace what’s currently fulfilled by the carpeting, the metal car body, and the underbody panel. The thermal insulating properties of the Stratura material keep the interior warm while the acoustical properties of the material structure ensure a pleasant atmosphere in the interior. The unique integration of all functional layers allows significant weight savings at comparable comfort.

Development for higher demands - material concept Stratura Hybrid
Röchling Automotive has further improved the mechanical properties of its Stratura material and introduces Stratura Hybrid; with greater rigidity and better crash properties. The functional, multi-layer structure of Stratura Hybrid integrates reinforcements made of steel or aluminum, providing an alternative to conventional floor structures and a weight reduction of about 50%.

Customer benefits through the lightweight applications

  • Lower weight
  • Improved acoustic and thermal comfort in the passenger compartment
  • High flexural strength & stretch at break