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Cell Contacting Systems

Cell contacting systems (CCS) connect the individual battery cells to one strong unit. This connection needs to be a perfect fit. Therefore, precision manufacturing is required for these battery components.

This precision also permits additional functions to be built directly into the contacting systems. Sensors for voltage and temperature, for example. This way, the battery can be monitored in real-time – for better performance and safety.

Cell contacts are not “off the shelf” components. Plastic makes almost any shape possible, allowing the system to be tailored and equipped with the desired functions.

Of course, all the other advantages of plastic still apply to cell contacting systems. These include weight reduction and resistance to chemicals and corrosion.

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Röchling Automotive offers a full-service solution including engineering, tooling & equipment construction and mass production process. A global manufacturing footprint allows us to produce close to the customer’s plant.

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