Quality management

Measurement technology

Comprehensive measurement reports for determining component quality and approving for serial production are created. At a given site, the Röchling Precision Components Group uses tactile and optical measurement devices, which are operated by metrologists.

The following measurement processes are available in-house:

  • 3-D coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
  • CNC-guided optical measuring machine
  • Gloss measuring device
  • Color measuring device
  • Roughness measuring device
  • Contour measuring device
  • Shore hardness measuring device MVR measuring device (melting index)

CAQ System

CAQ stands for Computer Aided Quality Assurance. The Röchling Precision Components Group uses this technology to document and archive all data relevant to quality. Röchling Precision Components uses an integrative system, which is embedded in existing IT systems. It is possible to reproduce processes and assure quality.

High production standards are monitored through defined quality tests until product shipping. The measurement and testing systems are regularly serviced and calibrated. The CAQ system helps Röchling Precision Components to ensure reliable processes.

Within the framework of the CAQ system, Röchling Precision Components addresses:

  • Test planning
  • FMEA
  • Control Plan
  • Complaint management
  • Administration of test resources
  • Management of measures taken
  • SPC evaluations
  • Supplier evaluations
  • Capability assessments

Systematic use of process oriented Quality Management Systems creates the condition for a long-term increase in Quality. Continuous guarantee of component and series quality are central management tasks within the Röchling Precision Components Group.