Company mission statement

Our customers are central to us!

We in the Industrial Division have made it our aim to boost turnover to over 1 billion euro by 2020. We can achieve that only by a set of clear principles to guide our daily actions. We have therefore drawn up a corporate mission statement for the Industrial Division. It contains five guiding principles for us to follow in our work. Always at the centre here are you – our customers. 

As Röchling Industrial we offer you today a comprehensive range of products and services and our unique materials and applications know-how. By itself that is not enough, however – our claim must be to offer you in your industry the best possible solution for their individual requirements. That will succeed only if we listen carefully, because innovation can come about only when one has fully understood the problem. That way our corporate actions create added value and so competitive advantages for our customers.

You can read the corporate mission statement on this page and in the PDF. We invite you to also discuss the mission statement with your contact person at Röchling Industrial. We should also be pleased to hear your opinions.

As we know, "it may look great on paper, but ...". If all of us at Röchling Industrial give these guiding principles life and follow them faithfully in our daily work, we will lay the foundation stone for the further success of our customers.

Röchling Industrial. Empowering Industry.

PDF - Company mission statement

Company mission statement

We are industry-oriented.

Our focus is on our customers needs, not our products!

  • We offer our customers the best possible solutions for their individual applications.
  • We therefore inform our customers about our comprehensive range of products and services and our unique materials and applications know-how.


We are innovative.

Our innovations help our customers improve.

  • We listen to our customers to learn how to help them with our innovations.
    • To us, innovation means that a new solution is better than the previous one!
      • We develop products with new functions that make digitalisation usable.
      • We find new applications for our existing products.
      • We develop new or we optimise existing products for known applications.
  • We generate ten percent of our turnover from new, innovative products. “New“ to us means “not more than three years old“.


We create added-value for our customers.

Our customers profit from working with us.

  • Our corporate activity as a whole creates added value and therefore competitive advantages for our customers.


We use the possibilities that digitalisation offers.

  • We are creating a uniform IT structure for Röchling Industrial.
  • We use digitalisation to improve our processes and procedures.
  • We use digital media to communicate with our business partners.


We are growing in the Americas and Asia.

  • We are globally present.
  • We are growing worldwide by our own strength and by targeted acquisitions.
  • We are growing more than average in the Americas and Asia.