Plastic wall protection strips (PE & PP)

Available in many colours, dimensions and shapes, as well as with drilled holes and edge protection

Polystone® wall protection made of the high quality plastics polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) reliably protect your walls, door frames, shelving, counters and other surfaces that are subject to heavy wear and tear, from damage.

Extremely shock resistant: Long lifespan, good shape retention, excellent impact resistance

Easy installation: Simply mount Polystone® wall protection strips on the wall using commercially available screws

Low maintenance: Easy to clean and resistant to grease and commercially available cleaning products, does not absorb moisture and therefore has advantages in terms of hygiene compared with conventional materials such as wood; bacteria have no substrate to spread

Cold resistant down to -50° C: Suitable for refrigerated rooms and cold storage

Compliant with food standards: Many standards from stock suitable for contact with food in accordance with EU 10/2011 and FDA.

Low flammability: Our standard from stock fulfils the combustibility class B2 (DIN 4102), materials also available in B1 (DIN 4102)

Reliable protection for your walls

Our robust plastic wall protection permanently helps to ensure rooms and corridors with heavy traffic have flawless walls with no damage or scratches. Our wall protection strips offer many advantages in comparison to conventional wooden and MDF wall protection strips or concrete wall protection.

Available from stock within a short time

Polystone® wall protection made of the plastics polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP): Available in virtually any colour and with a variety of dimensions. Standard lengths and standard colours available from stock within a short period. 

Product range - Polystone® wall protection

Polystone® wall protection specifications

Drilled holes
Silicone joint
Corner protection/edge protection
Skirting boards
Wall protection panels

Areas of application – Polystone® wall protection

Shop fitting and discounters:

  • Plastic wall protection made of Polystone® reliably protects walls and shelving in shops and discounters from damage caused by shopping trolleys and goods transport trolleys.
  • Does not absorb moisture, is easy to clean and therefore offers considerable maintenance advantages in comparison to conventional wall protection made of wood, and supports the maintenance of good hygiene standards

Catering, kitchens & events:

  • In the catering and events sector, service, catering and clothes trolleys are pushed through corridors and tight hallways at a brisk pace. Some poorly steered transport containers accidentally crash into walls
  • Our Polystone® wall protection strips protect walls, door frames, shelving, counters and other surfaces  from damage that are subject to heavy wear and tear.

Trade and industry operations:

  • In trade and industry, products and goods must be transported from A to B quickly.
  • Our wall protection made of Polystone® offers reliable protection from bumps and impacts from goods transport trolleys and forklift trucks.
  • We offer sturdy skirting boards for areas under heavy strain. Contact us: You can get wall protection strips and skirting boards with thicknesses of 5 - 200mm.

Refrigerated rooms:

  • Polystone® wall protection is cold resistant down to -50° C and has excellent resistance to wear even at these low temperatures
  • As a result, it also offers reliable protection from impacts from forklift trucks in refrigerated rooms and cold stores, for example in slaughter houses or in food retail

Hospitals & care homes:

  • Polystone® wall protection made of PE reliably protects walls in hospitals from bumps from hospital beds, wheelchairs, serving trolleys, medical equipment and chairs in the waiting rooms.
  • The ease of cleaning supports the high hygiene requirements in medical facilities.
  • We also work in the clean room sector, please get in touch with us

Further areas of application – Polystone® wall protection strips:

  • Sports facilities
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Stations
  • Underground stations
  • Public buildings
  • Logistics centres
  • Bakeries
  • Slaughter houses
  • Hotels
  • Cheese factories

Installation and processing tips:

Order or inquire now. Order directly from the manufacturer now.

  • Offers and information within short time.
  • We offer standard lengths and standard colours from stock within a short period.
  • Order related manufacturing within a short period

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