TroBloc® M: Central military hospital in Koblenz renovates ten operating theatres

Röchling's antimicrobial wall covering TroBloc® M meets strict testing criteria

Koblenz - The central military hospital (Bundeswehr-Zentralkrankenhaus) in Koblenz, the largest hospital of the Bundeswehr in Germany, is investing in hygiene and renovating ten operating theatres: The prestigious hospital is replacing the previous wall tiles with the antimicrobial wall covering TroBloc® M from Röchling. The covering, specifically developed for medical facilities, has met the strict testing criteria of the hospital. Its antimicrobial surface limits the spread of germs such as MRSA and has a special Easy-to-Clean effect.

For more than 50 years, the Bundeswehr-Zentralkrankenhaus in Koblenz has been the military's medical centre of competence in southwest Germany. It is also the academic teaching hospital of the University of Mainz and guarantees medical treatment on an exceptionally high level, focusing on acute treatment of emergency patients. As an acute treatment and emergency hospital, the hospital gives around 20,000 patients inpatient treatment and about 220,000 outpatient treatment each year.

Following the principle of "Consistent hospital hygiene means patient safety!", one of the hospital's most important aims is preventing hospital infections by consistently managing hospital hygiene. The main focus is put on prevention and early detection of infections and germs to prevent potential danger for patients and employees and stop germs from spreading.

Ten operating theatres will receive the new covering

To strengthen these preventative measures, the hospital will renovate ten operating theatres and replace the previously used wall tiles with the antimicrobial wall covering TroBloc® M manufactured by Röchling Engineering Plastics. This wall covering, especially developed for medical facilities, prevents germs from spreading due to its antimicrobial surface, contributing to patient safety. A total of approx. 750 square metres of wall surface will be covered with TroBloc® M. The covering work was initiated by the Röchling partner HEME Systeme in Saarburg.

Strict testing criteria met

Especially large wall surfaces and porous joints of tiled walls give microbes a perfect opportunity to settle. In addition, these kinds of surfaces take a great deal of time and effort to keep clean and have to withstand regular contact with disinfectants and cleaning products in the long term.

The Koblenz hospital has subjected TroBloc® M to extensive testing with different cleaning agents and disinfectants and has simulated different types of soiling. The decisive factor for selecting the Röchling material was the surface with its Easy-to-Clean effect and its particularly resistant and long-lasting properties.

Antimicrobial effect

TroBloc® M prevents microbes such as bacteria and fungi settling on the surface from reproducing. To achieve this antimicrobial effect TroBloc® M uses modern silver ion technology. The non-toxic additive prevents the growth of micro-organisms in a purely physical manner through the exchange of silver ions. This action inhibits the reproduction of strains of bacteria. The bactericidal action of TroBloc® M takes effect within a very short time, as the Swiss company Ciba Spezialitätenchemie AG in Basel/Switzerland has proven and certified.

Also effective against MRSA

Its reliable effectiveness with respect to the bacterium, MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), has also been proven in laboratory tests at Ciba. MRSA and other hospital-acquired infections have become a problem in clinics and hospitals throughout the world due to the resistance they have developed towards various antibiotics and biocides. The only way to cope with this problem is the use of consistent hygienic measures.

Easy-To-Clean effect

TroBloc® M has an Easy-to-Clean effect, which allows even large surface areas to be cleaned quickly and professionally. The surface has a nanoscale microstructure which produces a low surface tension of <18 mN/m. This ensures that the contact area for particles and fluids is reduced to an exceptional degree. In addition, TroBloc® M is superhydrophobic: Fluid runs off immediately, taking adhering substances and particles with it, due to the specially designed surface. At the same time, the surface is incredibly resistant to chemicals and extremely scratch-resistant. This means that the TroBloc® M function is retained even after frequent cleaning.


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