Lignostone® cryogenic - LNG and LPG cryogenic tank insulation

With Lignostone® cryogenic we offer you a unique material manufactured from selected beech veneers, impregnated under vacuum with thermosetting synthetic resin and densified under heat and pressure. The extraordinary properties of Lignostone® cryogenic make it the ideal material for cryogenic tank insulation in LNG and LPG carriers:

  • low thermal conductivity
  • excellent temperature resistance
  • withstands high mechanical loading
  • resistance to abrasion and wear
  • low coefficient of sliding friction
  • good electrical insulation
  • low specific weight


Lignostone® cryogenic laminated densified wood is widely used for cryogenic tank insulation as:

  • tank supports
  • anti-floating chocks
  • anti-pitching chocks
  • anti-rolling chocks
  • fixed blocks
  • sliding blocks
  • hardwood keys


  • prismatic tanks LNG (e.g. 87 500 cbm)
  • prismatic tanks LPG (e.g. 78 000 cbm)
  • cylindrical tanks LPG (bi-lobe)
  • floating storage tanks LNG
  • Ethylene carriers

Approved quality

Lignostone® cryogenic laminated densified wood is approved as cryogenic tank insulation by the following major societies:

  • IHI
  • JMU
  • LR
  • BV
  • NKK
  • M.W.Kellogg
  • DNV
  • BV
  • GL

Lignostone® cryogenic is part of our range of cryogenic insulation materials. More information about our cryogenic insulation materials.

Downloads - LNG / LPG Cryogenic tank insulation

Cryogenic insulation for LNG fuel tanks

Lignostone® cryogenic is used as croygenic insulation for lng fuel tanks as well. Lignostone® cryogenic laminated densified wood permanently insulates the LNG fuel tank of LNG engines from the ship`s structure, enhancing the reliability and long life of your ship's propulsion system. More information about cryogenic insulation for lng fuel tanks