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Röchling Automotive puts sustainable organic plastic on the market

• New material is made of at least 90 percent renewable raw materials • Röchling-BioBoom is suitable for a large part of the product range of the company • By 2035, Röchling Automotive aims to become the leader in bioplastics and recycled…
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Extended stock program - blue Food Grade products

Extended extensive stock range of blue-coloured Food Grade products with further dimensions and products.
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New study: How do thermoplastics and composites behave in Deep Ocean Environments?

Results enable designers of deep ocean equipment to make more informed decisions
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Extended Play-Tec® stock range

New format and more variety of colours for your playground design
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More reliable transformer thanks to phenolic-glued pressboard

Röchling improves the electrical properties of Trafoboard® - How reliable is the material?
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Digital Service Portal „Röchling-Port“ online

Röchling Industrial emphasises customer service introducing new digital options
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