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Haren students get to know professions in practice

Cooperation agreement concluded between Röchling Industrial in Haren and the Martinus secondary school

Accuracy and a sure touch are required when the students of Martinus-Oberschule play with "Cornhole" on the schoolyard. The game was made as part of the school's cooperation with Röchling Industrial in Haren. The company supports the school in the career orientation of the students.

"What happens after school? That is probably one of the most difficult questions students face before graduation," says Daniel Fritz, Managing Director of Röchling Industrial SE & Co. KG in Haren and CFO of the Industrial Division. In order to give them insights into different occupational fields, the company cooperates with a local secondary school, the Martinus-Oberschule. "We are pleased that we can successfully conclude a first joint project of our cooperation today with the handover of the "Cornhole" game."

The aim of the "Cornhole" game is to throw bags filled with corn through a hole in a plastic plate. It was made by pupils of Martinus-Oberschule during their project days. "A group of pupils made the game at Röchling in the company. In addition to exciting insights into the company and production, they also got to know different apprenticeship professions in practice," reports Michael Tieben, team leader for career orientation at Martinus-Oberschule. "For the pupils, practical work is important to find out which profession suits them."

The game was made of thermoplastic from Röchling and milled in the shape of the Röchling coat of arms. The board was then further processed by the pupils. The official handover took place during the school festival.


Project days at Röchling Industrial: Pupils from Martinus-Oberschule Haren made the game "Cornhole" at the company.
Get to know professions in practice: As part of the cooperation between the school and Röchling Industrial, the young people get an insight into different apprenticeship professions.

Röchling Industrial SE & Co. KG belongs to the Röchling Group and is a global leader in the production of engineering plastics for industrial applications. Around 900 employees work at the site in Haren.

"We have already been operating at the Haren site for 90 years. We feel connected to the region and the town and have therefore been supporting the school for a long time," Daniel Fritz emphasised when handing over the game. For example, in spring the school received two new drill presses for handicraft lessons.

In March, a cooperation agreement was also signed between the company and the secondary school. "With this cooperation, we want to intensify the collaboration and strengthen the professional orientation. To this end, the pupils get an insight into various apprenticeship occupations," says Valeri Karastelev, industrial-technical trainer at the Röchling site in Haren. There alone, the company offers eleven apprenticeships and five dual study programmes. "We attach great importance to good and sustainable training for our young talents. We fill more than 20 apprenticeship places per year. We are happy if, through the cooperation, we can also win over more pupils from Martinus-Oberschule in the future, who would like to shape the future together with us," Daniel Fritz emphasises.

New game for the schoolyard: The game was handed over to the school at the Oberschule's school festival.

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