Dishes, Racks & Lids

Röchling Medical is your partner when designing and building advanced, specialized medical diagnostics equipment and analytic instruments. Petri dishes, racks, lids, and other diagnostic consumables manufactured by Röchling Medical follow strictest quality requirements. Röchling’s attention to detail and cleanliness are un-paralleled within the life-science industry & quintessential for our client’s success.

With its high-performance, electrical injection molding machines, stable production processes and maximum output approach, our state-of-the art equipment supports the execution of our client’s projects to the highest standards.

Röchling Medical delivers a complete solution including ideation, product design, tooling, supply chain management, manufacturing & distribution. Our highly trained team adheres to stringent medical molding procedures to ensure traceability and compliance to standards needed for diagnostic consumables.

Röchling Medical provides a competitive advantage for diagnostic consumables as we get involved early on in the design and engineering processes: ensuring manufacturability due to our advanced mold building technology, automated medical molding processes and effective project management.

Main Products:

  • Petri dish
  • Rotation disks
  • Strips
  • Racks
  • Custom Diagnostic Enclosures