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Polystone® G B 100 RC black

PE-HD / PE 300

Polystone® G B 100 RC black is a PE 100 with exceptionally high stress cracking resistance (FNCT > 8.760 h). The material is especially suitable for process and storage tanks, which come into contact with stress cracking causing media. Also for the production of Polystone® G B 100 RC black only compounds with DIBt approval will be used.

Special properties

  • Very good stress cracking resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Suitable for contact with drinking water

Typical areas of application

  • Chemical engineering and tank building
  • Drinking water and sewage water technology

Type of product

  • coils
  • compression moulded sheets
  • extruded sheets
  • square tubes
  • u profiles
  • welding wire


  • black


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