Air Intake Water Systems

Separation of air and water through new concepts

A reliable separation of air and water is needed so that the air directed into the passenger compartment does not contain too many water droplets. At Röchling Automotive, this process is mathematically simulated and the concepts or designs are optimized for this purpose. This provides the customer with a well-engineered product for air/water separation. The air flows without unnecessary pressure losses to the climate control system, while the water is collected and reliably diverted. Integrated engine seals ensure that air and water go only where they should.

Customer benefits through windshield cowl covers and water outflow pipes from Röchling Automotive

  • Calculation and verification of air/water separation
  • Secure drain pipe
  • Dry air in the passenger compartment
  • Innovative seal concept for the engine hood, realized using bullet shot injection technology
  • Various tested sealing solutions for the windshield