High Pressure Systems

Pressurized tubes

Röchling Automotive, as a specialist, offers the following air tubes, among others, for engines:

  • Flexible one-piece return pipe for the joint between the charge-air cooler and the throttle valve.
  • High temperature-resistant supply flow pipe for the joint between the turbocharger and charge-air cooler.
  • Complete systems with resonators, quick-connect couplings, mounting links, etc.

The patented JectbondingTM technology, with which clips and mounting straps are molded with/on the charge-air tube, is unique. With this process, which is reduced to a few steps, greater strength than with standard weldings is achieved, along with higher process safety. The economical process using the superior properties of air tubes from Röchling Automotive has already impressed a large number of automobile manufacturers.

Benefits for your customers through our air tubes product area

  • Charge-air tubes temperature-resistant up to 230° Celsius
  • Thanks to JectbondingTM, mounting parts attached with the highest cohesiveness
  • Flexible one- or two-piece charge-air tubes for balancing relative movements
  • Acoustic measures along the air induction system