Engine Encapsulation

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The optimal operating temperature of the vehicle should be reached quickly in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Engine undershield systems insulate and prevent batteries from cooling too rapidly while not in operation. In this process, engine undershield systems retain thermal energy in the battery so that it returns to its ideal condition more quickly upon reuse. As a result, internal variances are reduced, leading to significantly lower CO2 emissions and decreased fuel consumption.

Our achievements in the area of Engine Undershields

Röchling Automotive uses a multi-layered encapsulation process consisting of a thermoplastic sandwich for engine undershield systems. Low-weight reinforced thermoplastics (LWRT) are ideally suited as an insulation material for such applications due to their high enclosed air pore volume. However; low thermal conductivity is not the only outstanding material property; due to the open-pore form of the component surfaces, LWRT also features excellent sound absorption characteristics. This prevents disturbing noise emissions in the vehicle interior and its surroundings, contributing to a significant increase in comfort. Röchling Automotive supports system design through early involvement in the development process for engine capsule systems. In combination with an active grille shutter, the pressure losses during air flow are significantly reduced in the process.

Customer benefits through the achievements of Röchling Automotive in the area of engine encapsulation

  • Optimized acoustics
  • Reduced radiation losses and slower cooling
  • Improvement of engine compartment air flow
  • More targeted hotspot cooling
  • Quicker heating of the interior
  • Increased comfort