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Battery Covers and Enclosures

Fuel for the future

Progress in the field of lithium-ion batteries is an important building block for the success of environmentally friendly electromobility. We at Röchling Automotive are making our contribution to this by continually developing our solutions for the integration of batteries. Battery covers play an essential role in this.


Safe on all sides

Battery covers are safety relevant components. Together with the lower housing, they separate the batteries from the rest of the vehicle. They shield against electromagnetic radiation and protect against the penetration of liquids and foreign objects as well as the battery in the event of an external fire. The cover also protects the outside world in the event of a dangerous battery fire (thermal runaway), the vehicle and its occupants.


Perfect fit

The covers only make optimum use of the available space when they are adapted to the respective vehicle. Plastic components are ideal for this. Solutions made of metal are often limited by their degree of deformation. Plastic covers also have a direct effect on vehicle performance: They are lighter and therefore increase the range.


Fire retardant according to UL94-V0

However, flexibility, low weight and cost-effective production are only relevant advantages if safety is guaranteed as one of the most important basic functions. In our tests we were able to show that SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) materials from Röchling Automotive are clearly superior to aluminum and steel at high temperatures. In addition, we have the option of incorporating additional layers - for example, ceramic. Our battery covers made of flame-retardant materials according to UL94-V0 are thus among the particularly safe components for electric vehicles.

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