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Battery Components

Electric mobility of tomorrow

The future belongs to electric mobility. The share of hybrids, plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles on the world market is already increasing. Less CO2, no local emissions and quiet driving in the city are just some of the advantages over combustion engines.


Plastic as an alternative

Regardless of whether mild hybrids or full electric: the solutions currently used are still based primarily on metal. Instead, thermoplastics can also be used for many battery applications. This alternative not only reduces the overall weight, but also enables better integration of cabling, cooling elements, connectors and other components. For example, more cells can be installed in the space thus gained, which in turn increases the vehicle's range.


Integrated solutions for battery cells

We offer a wide range of applications for this new generation of battery systems. These include, for example, cell carriers, cell frames, module lids and end plates. These integrated solutions also include the production of suitable busbars, pin strips and seals. We supply our components to OEMs, battery suppliers and sub-suppliers.

The most important highlights

With us, engineering, toolmaking, equipment and processes for mass production come from one source. Thanks to our dense network of locations, we are almost always in the direct vicinity of our customers all over the world.

Your customer benefit through our Battery Solutions

Cell frame and cell carrier

Module cover

Full Service from Röchling

Battery cover
Battery cover
Cell frame
Tub with tape technology


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