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Mobile repair, assembly & service team

Service for ceramic dewatering elements

Do you need an inspection, maintenance or repair? Then you are at the right place at ROBASERV, where we provide excellent advice with our certified service teams. 

Saving your time and money with ROBASERV

With our ROBASERV service we provide repairs and maintenance for your paper machine and an excellent advice with our certified service teams. Regardless of whether it is on our premises or at your site. And the best part is that the repair is carried out regardless of whether the wear parts are from Röchling Industrial Oepping.

What sets us apart

Detailed inspection

Our trained personnel uses various methods to analyze each paper machine in a targeted way. Deviations and damages can be directly identified and resolved.

Excellent service and assembly

Careful work and service at the highest level guarantee you a worry-free transaction.

All from a single source

From the planning of the revision works, disassembly and assembly, laser measurement as well as packing of the elements in wooden boxes. 

Why to choose ROBASERV for service works?

Optimum surfaces processes significantly reduce the drive power, reconditioned dewatering elements have a significantly higher efficiency and optimized deflection edges can extend the wire lifetime. You can achieve all this with ROBASERV. The figures speak for themselves:

Our service in detail

Operation at Röchling Industrial Oepping

  • Cleaning

  • Inspection
    UV crack check, Visual check, Sensitive check, Wear measurement

  • Report

  • Regrinding of ceramic elements

  • All repairs in general

Operation at Customer side

  • Service
    Visual check, Sensitive check, Wear measurement, Manual edge optimization,  Geometry shape grinding, UV crack check, Report

  • Installation and mounting

  • Laser measurement

  • Mobile grinding center


Ceramic dewatering elements




Did you know...

that we offer high quality ceramics which is perfect for highest stresses and fastest machine speeds?

Our ROBACERAM dewatering elements consist of a special composite of high-performance ceramics and glass-reinforced plastic. Compared to plastic elements, ceramic dewatering elements are many times more resistant to wear.


Make your service appointment now!

The performance and reliability of components used for paper machines are influenced by a variety of factors. In order to make the right choice, many criteria need to be considered. We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable materials for your particular application. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.





Gerhard Sigl

T: +43 (0) 7289 4611-289


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