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Intrusion Protection Plate

Safe maximum performance

We are demanding more and more from the batteries in our cars: fast charging, stable power supply and, above all, long range. Only cells with high energy density can achieve this.


Thermal runaway

If a battery is damaged, the consequences can be far-reaching. In particular, if objects penetrate the cells, a so-called "thermal runaway" can occur: a chemical reaction in which more and more heat is generated. The result is a fire or even an explosion. The power packs therefore need special protection - to protect the passengers.


Protection from below

The batteries of electric vehicles are usually mounted on the ground. What is good for the center of gravity is not unproblematic in terms of safety. This is because parts can be flung up while the vehicle is in motion, thereby endangering the battery. The solution is an intrusion protection plate, also called underrun protection. This cover secures the battery at the bottom.


Protective shield made of plastic

To prevent the protection from becoming ballast, however, we manufacture the intrusion protection plate from plastic. In this way, we replace solid steel and aluminum plates with a lighter, more cost-effective component. Corrosion is of course not an issue with this material. Thermal insulation is also better than with metal. 


Safe like metal, sustainable like ... plastic!

Thanks to the use of fiber reinforcements, the polymer solution is just as safe as its predecessors: Röchling Automotive's plastic intrusion protection plate meets the important standards ECE R 100 and UL94-V0. We are currently researching special variants made of thermoplastic. These can be recycled after their use as intrusion protection plates. With these components at the latest, there are hardly any arguments left for the use of metal.

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