About the Group

The Röchling Group, which is headquartered in Mannheim, includes a large number of locations in countries all over the world. With a workforce of several thousand employees, we manufacture our products in close proximity to our customers and markets. Our three company divisions, Industrial, Automotive and Medical, generate billions in sales every year on the European, American and Asian continents.

Strong growth and the swift pace of innovation characterize the market environment in which the Röchling Group does business. Few industries can compare with the plastics industry's potential. We have contributed significantly to the advancement of plastics in recent decades, and will continue to do this in the future.

This is made possible thanks to the experience and specialized knowledge of our employees. Our technological expertise allows us to use numerous different manufacturing and processing techniques - ensuring that we produce high-quality, innovative products via efficient processes. We help our employees make the most of their talents and career opportunities.

The Röchling Group's rise to the top of the international rankings in plastics has been due in large part to our entrepreneurial values - competence, quality, and innovation. And even today they are still the standard by which we measure our success.

Our Industry division offers a broad product range of thermoplastics and composite materials as well as high-performance plastics. We supply the global capital goods industry with tailor-made solutions.

The Automotive division provides car manufacturers all over the world with technologically superior plastics applications that are being implemented to solve the current challenges of the automobile industry - reducing emissions, weight, and fuel consumption.

The Medical division offers customers in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries high-quality plastic products that are used in devices and instruments in the areas of surgery, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and dialysis.

Customers (Sales by Sector)

Automobile 52%
Distributors and Machining Companies 16%
Electrical Engineering and Electronics 7%
Chemical Engineering and Environment 5%
Mechanical Engineering 5%
Medical 4%
Paper Industry 3%
Construction Industry 2%
Others 6%

Markets (Sales by Region)

Germany 34%
Europe (excluding Germany) 33%
The Americas 20%
Asia 13%