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High mechanical stability with proven antimicrobial action

Superior mechanical stability with proven antimicrobial action: TroBloc® M now comes in 10 mm foam extruded sheets that are ideal for applications that demand superior mechanical stability and antimicrobial action, such as suspended ceilings in operating theatres (picture)

New possibilities for medical facilities: The proven antimicrobial wall covering TroBloc® M is now available in expanded foam sheets of 10 mm thickness

TroBloc® M now available in 10 mm thickness

The proven antimicrobial wall covering TroBloc® M for medical facilities is now available in foamed sheets of 10 mm thickness. Röchling developed the new sheet thickness, named TroBloc® M foam, specifically for applications that demand high mechanical stability as well as antimicrobial action.

Until now, Röchling offered TroBloc® M in a thickness of 2.5 mm. The new 10 mm foamed sheet was created in response to many medical facility customers who wanted the benefits of TroBloc® M in applications that require greater mechanical stability.

TroBloc® M in 10 mm is an ideal choice for suspended ceilings, panelled walls, surfacing and evening out non-flat walls and covering cable ducts in medical facilities. For these applications, TroBloc® M foam combines superior mechanical stability with proven antimicrobial action and an easy-to-clean-effect. Therefore TroBloc® M helps medical staff to maintain the strictest hygiene standards in medical facilities.

Antimicrobial action

Röchling developed TroBloc® M specifically for medical facilities. TroBloc® M prevents microbes like bacteria and fungi, which are present on the surface, from continuing to multiply. To achieve this antimicrobial effect, TroBloc® uses modern silver ion technology. The non-toxic additive acts in a purely physical manner - through the transfer of silver ions - to prevent the growth of microbes. This action inhibits the reproduction of strains of bacteria. The bactericidal action of TroBloc® M takes effect in very little time, as has been proved and certified by Ciba Spezialitätenchemie AG in Basle, Switzerland.

TroBloc® M has been used at the Bundeswehr Central Hospital in Koblenz, for example. To improve its infection prevention measures, Germany’s largest military hospital replaced the wall tiles in ten of its operating theatres with Röchling’s TroBloc® M antimicrobial wall covering when it renovated the rooms.

Also effective against MRSA

Its reliable effectiveness with respect to MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) has also been proven in laboratory tests at Ciba. MRSA and other superbugs are resistant to a large number of antibiotics and biocides in hospitals, making them a worldwide problem that can only be combated by meticulous hygiene practices.


TroBloc® M has an easy-to-clean-effect which allows even large surfaces to be cleaned quickly and professionally. The surface has a nanoscale microstructure which produces a low surface tension of <18 mN/m. This ensures that the contact area for particles and fluids is reduced to an exceptional degree. In addition, TroBloc® M is superhydrophobic: fluid runs off immediately, taking adherent substances and particles with it, due to the specially designed surface. At the same time, its surface is resistant to chemicals and extremely scratch-resistant. This means that the TroBloc® M function is retained even after frequent cleaning.

TroBloc® M therefore helps medical staff to maintain the strictest possible hygiene standards in medical facilities.

TroBloc® M – Delivery programme

Extruded sheets
Colours: White

  • Thickness: 2.5 mm, Standard format: 3050 x 1220 mm / 2440 x 1220 mm
  • NEW: Thickness: 10 mm, extruded foam sheet, Standard format: 3000 x 1250 mm

Further dimensions on request.


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