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Our Technologies at a Glance

We are able to process all popular thermoplastics for you, including under clean-room conditions. The range of available services covers injection molding, extrusion and assembly as well as all necessary upstream and downstream process steps.

  • Over 70 injection molding machines inside/outsidee clean room with central production data acquisition system (ALS - host computer system)
  • Injection molded parts each weighing between 0.05 g and 1,800 g thanks to micro-injection molding technology
  • Hard and soft part connectors incl. inserts as well as multi-component parts
  • Endless Injection Molding
  • Wide range of automatization
  • Processing of almost all thermoplastics (incl. high-performance and fluoroplastics)
  • Over 20 extrusion lines with an output capacity of up to 200 kg/h (2 of which in the clean room)
  • Medical tubes with wall thicknesses from 0.2 mm and braidings with less than 0.1 mm.
  • Profiles with wall thicknesses between 0.6 and 17 mm
  • Wide range of materials and colors, e.g. polyolefins, styrene polymerizates, reinforced and/or electroconductive plastics, PVC, PC, PETG, PVDF
  • Co-extrusion
  • Inline finishing (punching, drilling, milling, laminating, film-wrapping, and marking)
  • annually 800 t of plastic granulate are processed into profiles and semi-finished products

Sophisticated Toolshop - Flexible and economical through in-house tool design and construction

Flexibility, high quality and fast response times are just some of the advantages we offer through our in-house tooling expertise. Our customers benefit from short distances due to our own tool design and construction as well as an affiliated technical center with 3 injection molding machines directly on site. 

Annually we produce about 70 molds, many of them with high cavity numbers, high complexity or even multi-component molds. Many years of experience and excellent technical equipment enable us to produce complex and technically demanding molds in a short time. 

In addition, we have the quality of your products in our own hands from the very beginning. Thanks to software-based simulation, our mold designers can design the molds optimally for the injection molding or extrusion process as early as the planning stage. For this purpose, the Moldex Professional software is used to verify and optimize the plastic components and the manufacturing process.

In addition, we use the latest metal printing technologies from our Waldachtal-based sister company, Röchling Direct Manufacturing GmbH, for mold inserts with near-contour cooling for series molds or also for inserts for prototype molds, if required. If, for example, only small batch sizes of a plastic part are required or if the component is still in the development phase, additively manufactured tool components can make this phase faster and more economical. Another advantage is that the prototypes produced in this way are made using the same manufacturing process and the same raw material as the later series parts, enabling series-like and therefore meaningful tests to be carried out at a very early stage.

Of course, you will continue to benefit from our in-house toolmaking service after completion of your tools - e.g. in the professional and preventive maintenance and servicing of your provided tools. The maintenance cycle is stored in the ERP system and the tool is automatically scheduled for maintenance. The likewise defined spare parts management significantly extends the service life of the tools and reduces downtimes to a minimum. Appointments can be optimally scheduled in coordination with the customer and production in order to ensure series production that is as uninterrupted as possible.

As an experienced tool specialist, we also take over third-party tools for you, which are tested, revised and optimized in a precisely defined process and brought to series production readiness.

  • 2,400 m² compliant with ISO 8
  • Complete process control with SAP ERP and central production data acquisition system
  • Full documentation of production parameters
  • Approx. 40 injection molding machines with locking forces of up to 4,200 kN
  • 2 extruders for the production of functional tubes for medical use
  • Complex assemblies
  • Laser marking
  • Validated processes
  • Comprehensive batch traceability

In addition to the processes listed above, we have access to many other processing methods at Röchling through our affiliate locations and can therefore often implement solutions for you from a single source.



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