Röchling Medical manufactures, assembles, and packages your products under Class C+D/ISO 7+8 clean room conditions. If you have stricter requirements regarding the purity of your products (for example, if you require additional product sterilization), Röchling Medical is your systems supplier of choice. Our close partnerships with sterilization companies allows us to offer all major sterilization processes.

Röchling Medical has developed extensive expertise in the field of sterilization in order to guarantee that product microbiological specifications (and therefore patient safety) are maintained. Röchling Medical handles everything from developing specific packaging to verifying and validating the overall sterilization process in close coordination with external partners. We also conduct microbiological monitoring of your sterile products in-house and evaluate the results in cooperation with an external laboratory. Products can be delivered to customers as either sterile or sterilized products.

Röchling Medical offers the following sterilization procedures:

  • Chemical:
  • ETO – Ethylene oxide fumigation
  • Plasma sterilization
  • Physical:
  • Gamma irradiation
  • X-ray irradiation
  • E-beam irradiation
  • Autoclaving

Our customer service would be happy to provide consultation at any time.