Pain Management

Pain management is important for ongoing pain control, especially if a patient suffers from long-term or chronic pain. Röchling Medical partners with its clients to develop innovative devices and components helping patients to manage their pain, restore their ability to do everyday activities, decrease the need of pain medications and improve their overall quality of life.

Röchling Medical contract manufactures a wide range of devices used for neuro ablation therapy helping with pain management therapy. Röchling’s expertise, vertical integration, and engineering experience enhance the efficiency and the optimal development and manufacturing of neuro ablation devices for pain management applications. Röchling Medical is also a specialist for chronic pain relief applications, assisting with the design and development of neuro stimulation devices.

For neuro ablation as well as neuro stimulation applications, Röchling’s expertise in material science and engineering is crucial when it comes to the successful manufacturing of devices catering towards standard and specialized application for the pain management markets. To support our clients from concept inception, design development to high volume production and distribution is Röchling Medical’s long term goal.

In addition to Röchling’s expertise in regards of neuro ablation and neuro stimulation applications, Röchling also manufactures a wide array of access or pain catheter configurations to administer pain medication via other catheters, devices, or fluids.

Main applications:

  • Epidural Catheters
  • Nerve Block Delivery Systems
  • Cervical Procedures