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Bester Verfahrensmechaniker Niedersachsens kommt von Röchling in Haren

IHK Niedersachsen zeichnet hervorragende Leistungen aus

Röchling Group Establishes “Röchling Sustainability Board”

Mannheim, 2 June 2022 | In order to further strengthen its sustainability activities, the Röchling Group has defined the topic as one of its key strategic areas for the future.

A revolution in conveyor technology

The Röchling Industrial development team of the LubX® product family has been setting new standards for about ten years. Developed for applications in automation and conveyor systems, the material LubX® revolutionised this field ten years ago.

Durostone® CR permits higher loads and more compact transformer designs

Röchling Industrial has developed Durostone® CR, a new product family of insulation materials for oil-filled transformers. Durostone® CR is a glass-fibre-reinforced plastic that combines outstanding mechanical properties with a very high dielectric…

New perspectives with Foamlite®

Successful products are not only characterised by the intelligent implementation of the required functionalities, but also by the selection of the right materials, because the material plays a major role in determining the character of a product. Our…

Innovative shapes and structures based on additive manufacturing

The Röchling Direct Manufacturing Center offers state-of-the-art and innovative additive manufacturing options enabling our customers in all industries worldwide to find holistic and ground-breaking solutions for their long-term success. Unlike other…

Going strong – Modern cargo bikes with loading areas made of Foamlite®

Cargo bikes are becoming more and more important. Be it for parcel delivery services, pizza service or for transporting the children to daycare centres. In large cities in particular, owing to their advantages, cargo bikes are increasingly in demand.…
Strong material for the maximum on eight axles

Strong material for the maximum on eight axles

Lamigamid® rope sheaves and sliding elements for new Liebherr crane

Night shift in the railway bed of Lyon

Composite-Pilot project: New service - test components produced using 3D printing

Safe charging of autonomous transport systems with Sustamid® 6 FR

Globalisation, digitalisation and e-commerce are leading to ever greater challenges in logistics. Round-the-clock availability and increasingly individualised piece picking are prompting logistics companies to optimise their internal processes.…


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