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Changes in the Executive Board

Erwin Doll

Mannheim, 20 May 2019... Erwin Doll, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board of the Röchling Group and responsible for the Automotive division, is leaving the company with immediate effect due to strategic differences regarding the future direction of the division.

"We would like to thank Erwin Doll for his many years of successful work for our company and for his significant contributions," said von Salmuth. "As a proven automotive expert, he has for many years driven Röchling Automotive's innovative ability, internationalization and its path to becoming a systems partner for its customers." Doll proved his competence not least in difficult times, such as during the global crisis year of 2009. “We wish him all the best and much success for his future professional and personal life," von Salmuth continued.

Doll, a studied mechanical engineer, joined the Röchling Group in 2006 and was appointed Executive Vice President of Sales and R&D at Röchling Automotive, later in addition also for Asia. In 2011, he was appointed spokesperson of the CEO, followed by an appointment to the Röchling Executive Board in 2016.

Prof. Hanns-Peter Knaebel will take over Doll's responsibilities.