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Solution provider with experience and expertise

Röchling in Waldachtal has been working with leading companies, in particular those in the medical technology sector, ever since it was founded.

In addition to finding solutions to technical manufacturing issues for complex plastic products, the work that we do is also increasingly including additional services such as:

  • ergonomics
  • design
  • plastic-compatible component design
  • packaging
  • sterilizability and
  • regulatory affairs (validation/licensing).


Röchling in Waldachtal is not just a company composed of injection molding and extrusion experts. It also boasts ideas people, designers, consultants, constructors, assessors, support staff, etc. We are here to help you turn your idea not only into a physical component but a fully-fledged product.

Modular range of services

  • Consulting
  • Engineering incl. simulation
  • Validation
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Measurement technology

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System solutions and components for Diagnostics, Fluid Management, Pharma and Surgery