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Röchling Industrial registered brand names

Brands of trust

Our product range of more than 500 different thermoplastic and composite materials stands for approved, reliable quality that is second to none. This is reflected in the world-wide well-known registered brand names that represent the high quality and performance of our products and the application know how and innovative spirit of Röchling Industrial.

When you buy a product from Röchling Industrial, it is not just an ordinary standard product which can be bought anywhere. It is a specialised material that is optimally engineered to be optimised and adjusted for its final use and reflects the long-term experience of a world-leader in manufacturing of engineering plastics.

This webpage gives you an overview of the registered brand names of our unparalleled product range.

Contact us: Our experienced experts will be happy to advise you in detail on the possible uses and properties of our materials for your application. We have been processing plastics for over 100 years and would be happy to use this experience for your application.



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