“From manufacturer to innovation driver”

Röchling Maywo expands site: New logistics hall and extension of production

Bad Grönenbach, 27th June 2018 – Röchling Maywo GmbH has officially opened its logistics hall and the extension to its production facilities in Bad Grönenbach. With this five-million-euro investment, Röchling is strengthening its position as Europe’s leading manufacturer of vacuum formable sheets and foils made from thermoplastics, creating 25 new jobs at the same time.

The operational site has been expanded by almost 10,000 square meters to incorporate a warehouse and production hall covering 5,000 square meters as well as a large employee car park. Managing Directors Ingrid Teichmann and Florian Helmich opened the new building together with Bernhard Kerler, First Mayor of Bad Grönenbach, and Franz Lübbers, who is responsible for Röchling Group’s Industrial division.

Close to the market

With this investment, the international Röchling Group, to which Röchling Maywo GmbH has belonged since 2012, is setting a course for further growth at the location. The reason for this success and growth, according to Franz Lübbers, is the company’s clear strategy: “Since the takeover, we have consistently pushed for the growth of Röchling Maywo with comprehensive investment and a clear orientation towards innovation and the development of new materials. With our outstanding product portfolio, we are very close to the market. I would like to thank the entire team for their tremendous efforts and this extraordinary development.” 

This success is reflected in the figures: Following the takeover by Röchling, sales have almost doubled in just six years and the number of employees has risen from 75 to nearly 140 today. In his address, Florian Helmich emphasised: “Since 2012, we have evolved from a manufacturer into a driver of innovation. With our expertise in materials and application, we purposefully develop new materials ourselves specifically to meet the requirements of our customers. This expansion means we will be able to better meet the requirements of our customers in future and further boost our delivery capacity.” 

Close cooperation with the community

The expansion was planned and implemented within only a short space of time. This was partly thanks to the excellent working relationship with the municipality and neighbours in the industrial area of Bad Grönenbach-Thal. The Managing Directors both stressed: “Our special thanks go to the municipality of Bad Grönenbach, in particular First Mayor Bernhard Kerler, as well as our neighbours for the good working relationship. This enabled us to realise the expansion quickly.”

Ingrid Teichmann introduced as Managing Director

Another important point on the programme for the inauguration was the introduction of Ingrid Teichmann as a new Managing Director at Röchling Maywo. Ingrid Teichmann, who has been with the company since 1996, was appointed one of the Managing Directors as of 1 May. As a symbol of her new role, Franz Lübbers presented her with a steering wheel, saying: “I am delighted that Mrs. Teichmann has agreed to join the executive management along with Mr. Helmich. Thank you!” In future, Ingrid Teichmann will set the course for the company together with Florian Helmich, and will take charge of the commercial area.

Both Managing Directors were delighted that so many business partners were able to attend the opening. The complete two-day programme included not only the official celebration, but also a communal evening event with dinner in the Hohes Schloss castle in Bad Grönenbach, as well as a lunch and a tour of the company’s site.

A celebratory inauguration was organised for employees to mark the opening of the new building. Here, Florian Helmich thanked everybody for their tremendous efforts over the past few years and looked ahead to the shared tasks they will now face: “With this excellent team, we can look forward to a very positive future.”

A leader throughout Europe

With almost 140 employees, Röchling Maywo is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of single-layer and co-extruded sheets and foils made from polystyrene (PS) and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS). Röchling Maywo and the sites of Röchling Formaterm in Sweden and Röchling Rimito Plast in Finland make up the Thermoforming Group within the Industrial division of the Röchling Group. Together, these companies represent the production of high-quality vacuum formable sheets and foils made from thermoplastics.

Customers use these thermoforming products in a range of different areas, for example vehicle construction, the electrical industry, mechanical engineering and the sports and leisure industry. Röchling-Maywo sheets and foils are used to create ceiling or wall cladding in trains and coaches. Another key area is in the electronics industry, where workpiece carriers made of electrically conductive plastics are required for computer chips and PCBs.

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