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Plastics for safe and long-lasting playground

Children love to play and charge around and are eager to discover the world. Playgrounds are the idealplace to do that. For parents, though, the most important thing is that the play equipment must be both safe and suitable for children, so they can feel confident while letting their little ones enjoy new experiences. When planning and designing playgrounds, this must be taken into account from the very start. We offer plastics that are developed specifically for play areas. They meet the high requirements on safety, durability and appearance and offer countless opportunities for the creative design of your play areas.

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Play area elements made of Play-Tec®

In Play-Tec® we have developed a material specifically for the design of play areas. It is TÜV certified to EN-71-3, -9, -10, -11 standard, weather-resistant, easy to clean and available in all RAL colours in one, two or three-colour combinations, enabling you to design safe, colourful and low-maintenance play areas with a long life. More information about our playground material Play-Tec®

Learning elements made of Play-Tec®

Learning elements made of Play-Tec® help support the development of children through play. Play-Tec® encourages them to try things out and join in. Dexterity, motor skills and the lively, colourful transfer of knowledge are stimulated in a child-appropriate way by machining the two and three-colour sheets. More information about Play-Tec®

Step safety with Polystone® Safe-Tec L

Polystone® Safe-Tec L is a material specifically designed for step-on surfaces in the leisure sector where particularly high slip and step resistance is required, such as floors of sand pits and water play areas. It's non-slip surface improves step safety, it is pleasant to the touch and it is resistant to UV radiation and weathering. More information about Polystone® Safe-Tec

Arrange technical advice

The performance and reliability of materials used for play areas are influenced by a variety of factors. These factors must be taken into account in order to select the right materials. Examples:

We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable materials for your particular application. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.



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