Logistics centers

Faster, better, more efficient

The logistics centers of the Industrial Division are distinguished by the most modern technology, the most up-to-date safety standards, and optimum utilization of space based in part on the combination of narrow aisle technology and four-way stackers. Individual logistics centers belonging to the division are among the largest storage facilities in all of Europe for semi-finished products made from thermoplastics. Modern order-picking technology and an extensive inventory ensure you consistent product availability and, thus, short delivery times. The securely packaged products are delivered by our own delivery fleet.

The individually managed storage concept provides for reliability and flexibility. In addition, order-picking equipment and radio terminals guarantee smooth operations. Professionals along the entire process chain make sure that materials are handled securely according to the principle: faster, better, more efficient.

Now and in the future, the Industrial Division will confront logistical challenges successfully so that it can remain a competent partner capable of supplying you reliably.  

As the product range is constantly growing, we are constantly investing in expanded storage capacity. As a result, the products will also be available on short notice in the future – just as our customers have come to expect.