Test facilities

The Industrial Division constantly conducts stock receipt and material testing in its laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment. This promotes quality assurance in all phases of product processing. All relevant material metrics/properties are quickly and competently determined and evaluated with elaborate, high-grade testing equipment. Our laboratories have access to more than 700 standards. Additionally, over 350 material tests are conducted.
Available Tests (Extract)

  • FTIR (infrared spectroscopy)
  • FNCT
  • high-voltage test up to 200,000 volts
  • weathering tests
  • wear tests
  • mechanical tests from +200°C to -100°C
    • ball indentation hardness (ISO 2039-1)
    • hardness according to Shore D (DIN 53505)
    • tensile test (ISO 527)
  • electronic color measurement
  • charpy impact strength (ISO 179)
  • color measurement (spectral photometer)
  • melting point DSC (ISO 11357-3)
  • melt volume-flow rate MVR/Melt mass-flow rate MFR (ISO 1133)
  • viscosity number (ISO 307)
  • density (ISO 1183)
  • filler content

In order to obtain constant and reproducible results, the testing equipment must be regularly monitored and calibrated. Our laboratory personnel create the required specimens.

In addition, a specialist for plastics welding (in accordance with DVS 2213) can provide instruction on all of the established plastics welding processes for apparatus building on state-of-the-art equipment.