Welding rods

We offer welding rods made of Polystone® and Trovidur® to complement our extensive range of sheet material. They are optimally tailored to the sheet material to be welded, allowing a permanently secure bond to be achieved, and lend themselves very well to processing with all standard thermal welding methods.

Permanently secure bond

The common use of welding rods, sheet material and U and hollow profiles from Röchling delivers optimum processability, long-term strength and particularly high stability in the components to be welded. The risk of complaints and possible consequential losses caused by faulty material is minimised.

Product range

Röchling offers a comprehensive range of welding rods in all standard cross-sections. Supply forms:

  • loose roll (5 kg and 10 kg)
  • coil (3 kg and 10 kg)
  • rods in lengths of 1000 or 2000 mm

Special products and other geometries are available on request.

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