Autoclave equipment: Perforated sheets

Autoclave equipment: Perforated sheets for the sterilization process

Autoclave equipment has to be durable and efficient. With Polystone® P SSAG, Röchling offers a material specially developed for applications in sterilization process in autoclaves where the high temperature (up to 135 °C) is demanding a specific grade for the perforated layer pads. Our material is a polypropylene specially formulated for a long service life in the higher temperature range.


  • High temperature resistance up to 135 °C
  • Almost no moisture absorption
  • FDA approval

Typical areas of application

Equipment for Autoclave industry

Production programme - Perforated sheets

  • Maximum length: no limits
  • Maximum width: 2,500 mm
  • Standard-Thickness: 2 - 8 mm
  • Round holes, flexibility for different diameters and pitch, Standard-holes Rv. 20 - 29
  • Square holes, flexibility for different sizes and pitch
  • Design of margins with no perforation with small non perforated edge
  • Free areas for a vacuum handling system
  • Possible combination of different types of holes in same layer pad
  • Round and chamfered corners possible
  • Small quantities possible

Perforation possibilities

We offer to you our experience in perforation. From the initial idea to the final specification, we will be your partner with the design offering our advice.


Natural, grey or any special under demand

Surface textures

Our perforated sheets can be produced with both sides smooth surface or one-sided grained surface. The grained surface prevents the adherence of the sheets to one another and thus improves the handling. In addition we offer to provide sheets with free surfaces. On these unprocessed aeras vacuum handling systems can take the sheets  - in conjunction with the one-sided grained surface this allows an easy process.


We would be happy to provide more details about the properties and application areas for our perforated sheets made of Polystone® P SSAG and other materials. Just use our contact form below and write to us.

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