Durostone® EPC 205

Durostone® EPC 205 is a fiber-reinforced plastic, which has exceptionally high mechanical strength. The gain is achieved by glass roving fabric and the burning behavior is defined.



Standard sizes

  • 2000x1150mm
  • 3000x1150mm


  • 4 - 140mm

Type acc. to standard (EN 60893)

EP GC 205

Thermal endurance (IEC 216)



Technical ValuesTest methodUnitEPC 205
Fibre reinforcement--fabric
Specific gravity-g/cm32,0
Standard colour--natural
Previous quality--EPR8-W
DIN 7735 type--HGW 2370.4
EN 60893/IEC 893 type--EPGC 205
Nema-LI.1 designation--G-11
NFC 26153/26151 StandardISO 1183 meth 1g/cm3VtEM2
Bending strength (perpendicular)ISO 178MPa600
Modulus of elasticity (perpendicular)ISO 178MPa30000
Compressive Strength (perpendicular)ISO 604MPa600
Impact strength (parallel)ISO 179kJ/m2300
Tensile strength (parallel)ISO 527MPa500
Electric strength at 90°C (perpendicular)IEC 60243kV/mm13
Breakdown voltage at 90°C (parallel)IEC 60243kV/25mm70
Comparative tracking indexIEC 60112CTI500
Tracking and erosion resistanceIEC 60587 meth 1--
Thermal conductivityISO 8302W/mK0,3
Thermal enduranceIEC 60216T.I.180
Insulating classIEC 60085-H
FlammabilityIEC 60707-FVO/3mm
Coefficient of linear expansion (parallel)-10-6K-1


Remarks: Property variation possible in the area of 50mm, average - not guaranteed technical values. Tol. accord with EN 60893-3-5. The data mentioned are average values. We cannot accept any responsibility for their accuracy.

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