LubX® S / Especially aligned to the sliding partner PET

With LubX® S, Röchling offers a highperformance material especially aligned to the sliding partner PET, which has outstanding dry-running properties at its disposal. It has been especially developed for applications in materials-handling and automation technologies.

  • Compared with conventional sliding materials, conveying systems equipped with LubX® S need considerably less energy.
  • The considerably lower coefficient of friction of LubX® S eliminates the possibility of the slip-stick effect (backsliding) almost completely and thus increases process stability.

Special properties

  • Energy saving
  • Especially aligned to the sliding partner PET (particularly beverage bottles)
  • Coefficient of friction up to 75% less than of PE-UHMW
  • Suitable for contact with foodstuffs (FDA/21CFR177.1520)
  • Noise-reducing

Type of Product

  • Extruded profiles
  • Sheets
  • Round rods
  • Prefabricated components according to the customer's drawing

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