EtroX® V

Premium material for the machining of high-precision test sockets - up to 0.1 mm small boreholes

The new premium material EtroX® V. Developed for the high demands in the electronics industry. EtroX® V is particularly suitable for machining high-precision test sockets with extremely small boreholes. These have a minimum diameter of up to 0.1 mm and are very well formed with only minimal burr formation. With this high precision EtroX® V increases the reliability and economic efficiency of the time-consuming and costintensive production of equipment for testing electronic components.

Tested and approved by leading manufacturers

Leading manufacturers of electronic components have tested the properties of the new material EtroX® V and have approved it for the quality control of their electronic components after evaluating the results.

Proven benefits

The material properties determined by Röchling Industrial in its own materials laboratories according to ISO standards for tensile modulus of elasticity, ball indentation hardness and water absorption show that EtroX® V offers proven advantages over the typical materials from other suppliers tested in comparison.

Increase the reliability and economy

High precision: EtroX® V is particularly suitable for machining high-precision test sockets with extremely small boreholes. These have a minimum diameter of up to 0.1 mm and are very well formed with only minimal burr formation. The risk of individual, defective boreholes and thus defective components is reduced. Even a single faulty borehole would lead to a complete defect in the machined part. These errors are usually only noticed during the final inspection by manual or optical tests.

Precise positioning: The softer a material is, the higher the likelihood that the positioning of individual holes will deviate. Optical position tests carried out by customers on test sockets made of EtroX® V have demonstrated especially precise positioning of boreholes. This underscores the low stress level and excellent machinability of the new premium material.

Properties of EtroX® V

  • Very high tensile modulus of elasticity
  • Very high ball indentation hardness
  • Very low water absorption
  • Very low residual stress
  • Very high dimensional stability even at high continuous operating temperatures of up to 250 °C
  • Excellent machinability

Product programme Sheets


  • 620 x 1230 mm / 24 x 48 inch
  • 500 x 1230 mm / 20 x 48 inch


  • 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 and 30 mm

Other dimensions and shapes, like round rods, possible on request.

Areas of application

  • Test sockets
  • Holders for the assembly of smartphones and other electronic devices

Extensive offer for the electronics industry

EtroX® V is part of our extensive product range of materials specifically for the electronics industry. Röchling offers a wide range of composites and thermoplastics for the electronics industry. In addition to insulating materials, we also provide numerous ESD modifications as well as Durostone® solder pallets made of fibre-reinforced plastics. 

More information about our offer for electronics.


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