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Durolight® is a new developed insulating composite material especially designed to meet the thermal and mechanical requirements of load bearing supports. Durolight® is manufactured from a special formulation of selected synthetic resins in combination with high-strength glass reinforcements.

We offer three different grades:

  • Durolight®
  • Durolight® S
  • Durolight® S2

The extraordinary properties are:

  • very low thermal conductivity
  • high mechanical strength
  • operating temperature -196 to +200°C
  • dimensionally stable
  • flame retardant (halogene free)
  • UV stable
  • insignificant water absorption
  • chemical resistant
  • resistance to abrasion and wear
  • resistance to physical and chemical decay
  • maintenance free
  • manufactured to close tolerances
Durolight supports assembled in a cradle
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Durolight S pipe supports 140°


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