Durolight® PIP - Halogen-free pipe insulation protection

Durolight® PIP – Pipe Insulation Protection – is a material which we have designed specially to protect the insulation on overground pipes, which is susceptible to damage.

Safe to walk on: Once it has cured, Durolight® PIP is robust, resistant and safe to walk on. 

Quickly ready for use: Once fitted, the material is quickly hardened by the UV rays in the natural sunlight, leaving a tough and hard-wearing protective surface. 

Easy to fit: The material is supplied as flexible sheeting which can be easily cut to size at the installation site with scissors or a knife. 

Harmless: Durolight® PIP is free of halogens and so does not contain any organic chlorine or bromine compounds which can have harmful effects in the event of a fire, especially on people and electronic systems.


  • LNG pipework systems: The material is used and approved by the market leader in LNG pipeline construction projects. The fibre-reinforced composite material has become successfully established on account of its unique properties.
  • District heating pipelines
  • Chemical plant engineering

Durolight® PIP properties

  • Free of halogens
  • Cures quickly in natural ultraviolet light (normally in less than 60 minutes)
  • Highly resistant to UV radiation and chemicals
  • High mechanical stability and excellent strength
  • Robust and tough enough to walk on
  • Available in various dimensions