Oil & Gas: Plastics for corrosion resistant, lightweight and cost efficient equipment

As the global demand for hydrocarbon products continues its upwards march, Oil & Gas reserves in ever more demanding environments must be utilised. This places ever greater demands on the equipment used to explore for, and produce the hydrocarbons on which modern life is based. These challenges include exposure of equipment to highly abrasive environments with highly variable temperatures, high mechanical loads, extreme weathering conditions (UV) as well as corrosive chemicals including lubricants, sour gas and seawater. Engineers are having to develop ever more reliable and efficient equipment which can operate in ever more demanding conditions. We support you in this task with offering one of the broadest ranges of thermoplastic and composite materials. With our experts knowledge we are able to advice on the optimum material solution to overcome your operational challenges be they weight, chemical or tribological.

Proven areas of application for our materials are:

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