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Rectangular tanks

Design variants

Various design variants are possible for rectangular tanks:

Steel profile management

The new steel profile management allows the user to add their own steel profiles and to adjust the grading of the steel profiles.

Steel material selection

For the first time in RITA® the selection of the material for the steel profiles is possible.

List of steel profiles

For reinforced tanks the user of the program can choose from an extensive list of profiles. The list always shows just those steel profiles which meet the static requirements for the tank to be calculated.

Inclusion of tie rods

For all-round-reinforced tanks tie rods can be included in the calculation.

Specification of a minimum wall thickness

When calculating tanks with all-round reinforcement, for the first time the minimum wall thickness can be set.

Easy optimisation of tank designs

Calculation for tanks with all-round reinforcement is done optionally either „PC-optimised“ or „Interactive“. In case PC-optimised is chosen, the bottom panel of the tank is calculated and the required profile transferred to the panels above it. If calculation is done interactively, each profile can, if statically possible, be reduced in size.

Moreover, the height of each profile can be modified. Here the software checks interactively whether the determined wall thickness is adequate and, if necessary, increases or reduces it automatically.



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