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User-friendly user interface

The user interface of the tank calculation program was designed along the lines of the well-known Microsoft office applications, thus enabling even beginners to familiarise themselves quickly with the use of the program.

Help texts on the user interface

To further simplify use of the program, in this version additional help texts in the form of info-boxes were integrated into the user interface.


More than 200 queries enable user input with regard to plausibility and feasibility to be checked, so ensuring that tanks can be both optimally and safely designed.

Multi-station installation

The powerful Sql database enables the same tanks to be worked on from different work stations.

Simultaneous calculations

Simultaneous calculation of more than one tank is possible in RITA®. This enables direct comparison of the results of calculations and so facilitates the ptimisation of tank designs.


Both user interface and complete printouts of structural engineering calculations can be in German, English, French and Czech.

Documentation of calculation results

RITA® offers as an alternative to the printout of a complete static calculation report, which contains data required for the approval of the tank, a means of preparing an abridged version in the form of a data sheet.

Calculation bases

The calculation bases for the program are based on the internationally recognised DVS Guideline 2205. The program also offers a means of designing tanks beyond the scope of the DVS Guideline 2205. The program signals whenever the scope of the guideline is departed from.

Characteristic values

All material characteristic values, such as creep rupture strength, creep moduli and joint factors as well as reduction coefficients for toughness and the effects of chemicals, are filed in the RITA® database.

Choice of materials

Besides to PE and PP, PVC-U and PVDF can be chosen as tank materials as well.

Media list

As well as the DIBt Media List RITA® offers a means of preparing one’s own media list. The media are stored in the database and can be used for every new tank calculation.


When designing round tanks, as well as the short-time and continuous media temperature, the average and maximum ambient temperature can also be specified. Using the new Miner tool, an average temperature can be calculated according to Miner‘s rule.



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