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Bridge the social distance with online seminars

Since March, Röchling experts have been on hand to assist our customers with guidance and resources in online seminars, as we continue to provide the best possible support even amid the challenges of the present situation. We have succeeded in…
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Water treatment with Polystone® P CubX®

Water management is enormously important in the present day for the sustainable use of water as an essential resource. Various treatment processes can be used to help remove impurities from waste water, thereby preparing it to be used anew. One…
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"A fantastic opportunity"

Alexandra Nögel is supporting our Sales Team in Singapore
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Röchling Industrial UK - Helping the Healthcare Industry to Combat COVID-19

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak Röchling Engineering Plastics UK Ltd are supporting the medical and healthcare sectors with thermoplastic components and materials vital to assist the NHS and worldwide OEMs in fighting the outbreak.
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How plastic products save resources

With their special properties, plastics contribute to resource conservation and sustainability in many applications: lighter buses consume less fuel, slide-optimised conveyor systems require less energy, and heating costs decrease in buildings with…
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Over 100 years of experience – Lignostone® laminated densified wood

The use of renewable raw materials has great significance in a sustainable economy. Plastics made from renewable raw materials play an important role in this. With Lignostone®, for over 100 years we have been producing a laminated densified wood…
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Röchling-Studenten gewinnen Innovationspreis

Bei der Campus Convention an der Hochschule Osnabrück in Lingen haben Marius Hermsen, Simon Grönniger und Jan Ottens den Innovationspreis gewonnen. Mit ihrem Projekt „Effizienzsteigerung der Regenerataufbereitung thermoplastischer Kunststoffe“…
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“Right on the pulse of industry”

Since the last K in 2016, Röchling Industrial has undergone a fundamental change in product development: the Corporate R&D department was newly established and Industry Management was introduced. In the following interview, Dr. Axel Höfter, General…
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Freshly caught saltwater fish far from the coast

Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean, Black Sea – these waters are home to the Dicentrarchus labrax. The European seabass is found at water depths between ten and 100 meters. It takes courage and skill to rear this popular edible fish inland. A young…
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Smartphone instead of a pitchfork

As consumers, when we think about farming, there is always some romanticism involved: feeding, sowing, harvesting and the smell of hay – the rural good life. However, farmers are, of course, also entrepreneurs who manage their farms with a lot of…
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