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Clean Factory

In Neuhaus in the German state of Thuringia, we manufacture several millions containers for very special active ingredients every year. The final products are only a few centimeters long, but their production requires high manufacturing technology,…
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Smart solutions for life

Together with our customers, we simplify the lives of many people – through ideas and products that can be found in numerous applications of daily life. Click through the gallery to discover where Röchling Medical products are involved.
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It‘s time for real time

It can sometimes take a long time from diagnosis to therapy. But there are many medical fields where this will change in the future. With closed-loop systems, diagnosis and therapy take place in immediate succession and almost automatically – without…
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It is not simply the high-performance plastics made by Röchling that are more than complex – the tools and machines used to produce them are pretty complicated, too. This is why they are not produced just anywhere. Instead, this job of manufacturing…
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“It’s about patient freedom”

Professor Christian Wunder, head of anesthesia and intensive care medicine at Stuttgart’s Robert Bosch Hospital, explains how new drug delivery systems are enabling patients to undergo treatment more safely and independently.
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Global growth

Healthcare is assuming increasing importance, driven by demographic change and the high rate of innovation in medicine. The market is expanding, that much is clear. But which fields and regions are experiencing particularly dynamic growth? Where are…
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Personalized healthcare

We will live longer, healthier lives in future – thanks in part to personalized medicine. But what precisely does it involve?  And why does packaging play such an important role?
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A Smart Cap

MBA students from the EBS Business School pitch their ideas for intelligent pharmaceutical packaging for blind people Intelligent pharmaceutical packaging with built-in electronics is no longer a vision from the future. Röchling Medical is…
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"I simply applied"

Mirko Jäger kickstarts new career at Röchling Medical Neuhaus am Rennweg | Among the employees here are former bakers, painters, glass-device manufacturers, upholsterers and civil-engineering workers. Thirty-seven men and three women. The youngest…
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New pickling line with Polystone® G blue B 100-RC

High operational reliability and performance. Pickling medium with up to 18 % nitric acid and 7 % hydrofluoric acid
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