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Innovative plastic potectors for glass injection vials
Use Case

Safeguarding toxic or expensive drugs

Glass vials are still widely used in laboratory or medical settings. Injection vials are often filled with substances that could potentially harm users and compromise occupational safety, for example, cytotoxic drugs used in chemotherapy. Moreover, many biological drug formulations that are commonly packaged in glass vials are very costly. 

For those reasons, it is essential to safeguard the vials against breakage and leakage. Röchling Medical was consulted to develop a protective plastic packaging solution to achieve just that.


Forward-thinking design and intelligent tooling

We designed a protective solution that holds each glass vial firmly in place with no rattling or movement, thereby eliminating the risk of breakage or leakage while in transit or during application.

Our standardized outer packaging can accommodate glass vials of different sizes (3 ml to 20 ml), passes all drop tests and is made from a transparent material to allow vial labels to be read.

Our team achieved this by developing a multi-tool, consisting of a fixed tool part for the outer casing of the protective container and exchangeable tool inserts. This allowed for the tool core to be flexibly replaced depending on the required vial size (3 ml to 20 ml).

We applied the same outer geometry, but different inner geometries to accommodate for spacers and centering elements for the range of different vial sizes. In addition, we opted to use snap-on caps instead of screw caps: the simpler closure mechanism ensures easier processing on the filling line.

Smart standard solution for the protection of various vial sizes

Overall, the implementation of the project was geared towards sustainability.

Design for manufacturability principles was systematically applied. This concerns on the one hand the design of the outer packaging in terms of item weight, number of tools and tooling costs and, on the other hand, ease of filling and final assembly on the part of the customer.


Vial Protectors

Vial Protectors in 3 sizes 3ml, 6ml and 10ml
Vial Protectors 3ml, 6ml and 10ml
Vial Protector 3ml
Vial Protector 3ml

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