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Injection molding

Injection molding

Injection molding is a primary molding process in which plastic granules are liquefied with an injection molding machine and then injected under pressure into a mold. In the mold, the material returns to its solid state through cooling or a cross-linking reaction and is removed as a finished part after opening the mold. Röchling Medical manufactures injection molded parts from almost all plastics commonly used in medical technology in the weight range from less than 1 g to 2,000 g at 5 locations under normal and clean room conditions.

Two-shot injection molding

Through two-shot injection molding two colors or injection-molded components of two different thermoplastic materials can be automatically and cost-effectively combined in one process. This process brings many advantages, such as lower unit costs, process reduction, improved product properties and unique design.

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Battery cover manufactured by multi-component injection molding.
Using micro injection moulding, sophisticated parts with very low part weights can be economically realized.

Micro injection molding

Micro injection molding involves particularly small parts, some of which weigh well below one gram. In the course of miniaturisation, the production engineering control of micro injection molding is an important prerequisite for the realization of demanding projects in medical technology.

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