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Röchling Medical’s development competencies are not limited exclusively to products. Customer-specific projects only end when the results have been shipped and delivered to the recipient. For this purpose, we have our own packaging-development department that can find the right transport packaging to guarantee an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

There are many significant factors in packaging development: The customer’s wishes and needs are important considerations, as are the particular requirements of the goods being packaged. Stress during transport, optimal handling and further processing on recipient premises are all incorporated into the development process.

Röchling Medical’s product spectrum ranges from standard packaging to complex packing solutions for sterilization.

We are currently able to offer the following packaging solutions for the products we produce:

1. Cardboard packaging with filled or arranged articles

2. Various types of clean packs

3. Packaging into large boxes

4. Brick packs

5. Packaging for sterile products (gamma, e-beam, ETO sterilization) incl. validation

Packaging development process:

Once the customer’s request has been forwarded to the packaging development department along with any requests or specifications, the packaging development team creates a drawing and calculates an optimum packaging solution based on product geometry and characteristics. A packaging model is delivered to the customer along with the other prototypes. Transport and storage tests are carried out and documented for any packaging involving special materials, in order to rule out any potential for packaging deformation. Visual inspections are conducted to check welds and any special considerations as regards sterility. The process concludes with a validation phase involving more intensive testing of the selected packaging, in order to ensure that the solution will fulfill all necessary requirements in practice as well.

Röchling Medical offers its customers product-specific packaging solutions that ensure that fragile goods are protected, sterility is preserved, handling is simple, and weight and space are utilized optimally. Using different materials allows us to adapt our packaging solutions to a wide variety of needs.

We will find or develop the right packaging for your products, and provide a solution that meets stringent economic and environmental standards.


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