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Röchling Medical is a leading manufacturer in the field of in-vitro diagnostics. We deliver products used in laboratories to diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses.


Laboratory Diagnostics

With years of production expertise and cleanrooms that can handle the most intricate designs for manufacturing, Röchling Medical fulfills our customers’ expectations with products that are safe, sterile, functional and have impeccable quality. Our experience and production technologies are particularly focused on functional elements, and on manufacturing products with extreme shapes and geometries. Thanks to an exceptionally efficient in-house production development department, Röchling Medical can also help customers realize individually tailored solutions.

Röchling Medical covers the following area amongst others:

  • Blood gas analysis
  • Tissue diagnostics
  • Immunodiagnostics
  • Hematology
  • Urinalysis
  • Research and Development

With our high-performance injection molding machines, stable production processes and maximum output approach, our state-of-the art equipment supports the execution of our client’s projects to the highest standards.

Röchling Medical delivers a complete solution including ideation, product design, tooling, supply chain management and manufacturing. Our highly trained team adheres to stringent medical molding procedures to ensure traceability and compliance to standards needed for diagnostic consumables.

Röchling Medical provides a competitive advantage as we get involved early on in the design and engineering processes: ensuring manufacturability due to our predictive analysis software tools and skilled design team.

Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Care of the patient is shifting towards prevention and early detection of disease.  With an increasing presence of cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases, the need for point-of-care diagnostics is on the rise. Röchling Medical partners with our customers to create medical innovations to help transform how patients are diagnosed and maintain their health to live healthy lives.

Over the years Röchling has facilitated the development of many innovative medical products that have needed to comply with industry standards. Röchling distinguishes itself by incorporating practices and procedures guaranteed to deliver only the highest quality products on a consistent basis. Röchling strives to continuously improve our processes and is investing in state-of-the-art equipment on an ongoing basis. The goal is to meet, and often exceed, the demanding and ever-changing needs of the point-of-care industry.

Molecular Diagnostics

Analysis of DNA markers helps diagnose disease at a molecular level. In most cases, diseases are detected when symptoms appear, oftentimes limiting the amount of treatment options available. Röchling Medical works with our customers to create products that detect disease on a molecular level before disease can grab hold. Each customer is assigned a project team to assist with product design, tooling, supply chain management, and manufacturing to create a product that is of the highest standards. If necessary, investment into new machinery and equipment is a priority for Röchling to accommodate the needs of our customer. We form a partnership and work in tandem to produce a product that not only meets industry standards but also helps to save lives.

Primary Packaging Materials

Röchling Medical is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of primary packaging materials for in-vitro diagnostics. We supply packaging for products used in the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases, both for laboratory and point-of-care diagnostics. 

Our sophisticated clean room concepts – coupled with many years of production know-how – meet our customers’ expectations for low-germ, functional, high-quality and therefore safe packaging. We offer experience and production technologies especially for complex shapes and geometries as well as for functional elements. Thanks to our own highly efficient product development, we are capable of implementing tailor-made solutions for our customers. Special designs and sizes or complex geometries are challenges we are happy to tackle. 

All production lines are subjected to 100% online inspections with the aid of cameras. This enables us to identify product defects, impaired tightness or color/material variances immediately in order to maintain the assured quality. 

After their production, the containers can optionally be sterilized under class GMP C+D or ISO 7+8 clean room conditions.

One of the highlights in this context is a diagnostic container with a capacity of 600 ml, a lateral blind hole, a rubber stopper and foil sealing. The container is manufactured by extrusion blow molding.

We cover the following areas of diagnostic applications:

  • Blood gas analysis
  • Tissue diagnostics
  • Immunodiagnostics
  • Hematology
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Pre- and post-analysis
  • Urine diagnostics
  • Research and development
  • Point-of-care diagnostics

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